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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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i want to industries to you that our girls are being targeted for sexual comploipgs and those girls within a small period of time emancipated from 17 to 21 they end up in situations date rape. they've been targeted to be sexually exploited as well as homeless on the street. so in terms of d c wifi we're a high-risk and we need - >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm the executive director of the center for young women's development. i'm a proud member of the girl's alliance. here in the district 6.
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we work with the incarcerated young women. we've been providing jobs for girls almost 20 years now and we loss our entire contract this year. we definitely have been working with the department and got some support back but we provided support services for this very vulnerable population which we were told that voushl pops maybe we should be considered somewhere else. we're trying to work to get young women off the streets and into higher education. it's crucial for this population i urge you to support this >> thank you (clapping)
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>> hi i'm executive director of the san francisco mental health board and mental health education fund and a proud member of the girl's alliance. i've watched girls program to struggle to get a handful of dollars and their program is the first to be cut. to you ask you to do what you can do. thank you thank you very much. the next group of speakers >> hi my name is stephanie and i'm the communication director. first of all, i want to thank you for your leadership. your support is the example that we need to lead the nation
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in the fight for hiv. we ask you to continue to lead even when the feds don't. i want to be clear we're not asking for additional resources we're asking for our aids system intact. hiv programs will lose 1 hundred $195 edify the next 2 fiscal years. communities with the highest hiv loads in the city. our clients nostril people of color foozs homeless. their resilient and proud of their achievements.
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over 60 percent of our clients are in and out undetectedable. it's amazing but hard work. at least 25 percent a full quarter of our client community will fall through the cracks. 45 fewer people who can stop the disease from spreading 45 more people are managing their health through the care system. we ask you to lead us & again additional keep a argue prevention funds >> hi. i'm a peer advocate with the wellness case clinic. i'm a former client and before that continuum.
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in 2000 i was really ill and was at spreadsheet luke's hospital after my release i was appointed a nurse i was in a wheelchair and wasn't sure i'd walk again. for some people is takes hitting rock bottom and that's what it took for me. at the program today, i was here to get a safe place to get help. those services continue today at case. i'm afraid if those services get cut people will end up in the emergency room that the case health clinic provides. it was a monthly occurrence for me. i don't think it's fair i was
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able to get housed withheld others might not be able to get the opportunities if those cuts go through. please don't let those kits go through (clapping) >> hi i'm david i'm the media and communications coordinator. i have the copies of the cost impacts that would be as well as testimony. i'm going to read one of the testimonies from one of your clients. i'm an asian pacific wellness center client. i live with a lot of diseases. i lost my jobs i for a second the last of my money and went to san francisco to getty help
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you end up homeless. i found this program and got all the mental health care and food. because i have both available to me i was able to connect is two. 2 years later my hiv was negative. i really worry about those cutting programs. trying to do all this by may i approach is taking care of. her first degree. i'm happy about my excuse but my story is not over.
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we invest in our health and we need you to do the same thank you >> hi i'm ronnie have hiv. before that i was gainfully employed. after i test positive equivalent i lost my job and health care. things went from bad to worse then i found hiv wellness center and they really helped me, in fact, the system but because of my drug use i was not stable enough to get on the meds. without treating my drug
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addiction i couldn't treat my hiv. things got worse in 2007 so i couldn't hide behind the drugs. i asked my counselor to help me to get into a rehab center. i've been clean for over 2 1/2 years and my hiv viruses is unnoticed. what will happen to me in the safety net is taken away. i want to be sure that the safety net is there for others too. i ask you to invest in us. thank you (clapping) ng. i'm andrea.
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i'm of the project directors and i'm here to talk about the proposed cuts. the proposed cuts amount to 1 hundred and 95 thousand $195,000 and they will impact at least a 75 of our clients. as you have heard 60 percent of our case clients have a virus load. san francisco is the high perform center and we're a high performing clinic. the cost of health care is about 85 thousand dollars. many of our clients are electrically and have chronic
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liver disease and diabetes along with others that significantly add to the cost of hiv care. it is hope that clients will receive services elsewhere. they'll cycle through the psychiatrist emergency services and cycle through other cares and the high cost is about 1 $100,000 per client. we may lose it about 1 hundred clients and that's beyond any cost savings. thank you very much now the next group of people dressed in purple. good morning. i'm bradywill i
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and my brothers and sisters in 1020 are here but i'm here with 2 h w. we're here as home care workers. i was here last week to talk about the strategist things but unfortunately, your partners in the legislature were not able to stop the wage cuts. we need help here. their renewing it should should cuts. so we're glad that the federal government obama and acted on the first choice actions but unfortunately, the majority of that money is not being used for home care. the mire did include a
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framework fraction but the second year is over the majority and the third year dips into the general fund. we're flipping back more than 2 .5 percent. this money came from the federal government and it's life savings and fund saving benefits. is he sincerely ask you look at into the ad back and contribute the money. everybody talking deserves the money. the library voted to get rid of monday services in 6 brandishes and cut services in others. why spend more money probation officer to cut services. we can - maybe there are other places that can be put into the ad back.
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we - >> thank you. next speaker, please >> i'm jill from the arts of san francisco. and graduation being part of the of the board honory. we're going broke doing the fundraising. those kids are talking about from the - combined the art and i seen those kids are not independent. they come to the arts of san francisco because doctor decided because the art is getting might shut down and the disability are non-disability and the staff are worried about what is going to happen with all those people with disabilities and wheelchairs
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and thank you john for being there are. and cannot wiener thank you for supporting the art and please don't shut down the arts this is you're part of san francisco. that's why - this is the new shirt and it's what it looks like >> next speaker please come forward. >> good afternoon. i'm clarence bryant and i represent the public - golf alliance of san francisco. i'm a 5 time residents and a product of the industry streets and schools and it's environment. i want to speak briefly about the issue that's close to my heart i'm a recreational golfer.
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and i understand that's a factor that's - actually initiating a proposal to eliminated sharp park from the budget. sharp park is a historical venue and it's utilized but the every man of the golf world. i urge you to regret this proposal to eliminate the budget. the budget elimination people are basing their proposal on things that are not supported by facts. the facts are that the golf course does, in fact, support itself if the fees raised from the golf course were not dpefrtd into the black hole
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called the general fund i'm sure the golf course would support itself. each member of the board has been sent a letter to all the facts. evaluate the facts and regret the proposal to eliminate the sharp park funding from the budget. thank you very much >> good afternoon. supervisors. i'm a native san franciscan. i've been work in the non-profit sector for 25 years. i enjoy helping people. and i also like to advocate for people which is why i'm here today. i work for a progress fathers-in-law and with seniors
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who have addiction issues. it gives people a chance to get linked up to vitality facilities and have warm beds and nutrition. as we know seniors don't have family support so those programs are vitality. vital. we put our hearts and souls into our jobs. we save the city a lot of money by caring for the poor and disadvantaged which is way cheaper in an institutional setting. we've absorbed clients who are often discharged from the hospital early. there's no doubt that our job is challenging and it's only
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fair we be compensated for the work we do. although we got 2 percent last year but that's not enough. we also work straight 5 years without one single raise. although i don't have children i work with a lot of coworkers who pay 6 homicide dollars a month and 1 thousand for two or more a month. i - . thank you (clapping) >> good afternoon supervisors and good afternoon to my colleagues. okay. on on behalf of my union as i can see we're all wearing purple. is we're concerned with
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something 7 .9 is a big amount of money and you guys will see to where this money goes. we have to be part of it, too. every penny of it will be counted too. we work so hard and your economy is going up yet saucer salaries are also the same. we want to be separate and one because we've been part of it that making this money come back to us. 7 .9 is the money we've been working for. just like the committee the majority of people are losing jobs and go losing family because the money and economy is helping us now. so hopefully, this will be considered and you will see to
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that it the middle class people can get what we deserve (clapping) >> >> hi i'm shawn
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>> and i hope that you consider and definitely find in the budget just a little bit that we're asking and think long-term for us so we can get the recognition for the hard work that we do. thank you.
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>> hi. i am lacie johnson and work at progress foundation and with the nonprofit coalition. i work at adu acute diversion unit and people can stay for two weeks after they are ps and i want to talk about in the last few years the work load has gone up a lot. we used to have 10 beds. now the beds are increased and we have 12 beds and lost a half-time position and the increase in paperwork so there is constantly more work for you and as far as other services and recently other services have been cut, places where we connect people to such as tom ladell, haight-ashbury clinic and in the past where we connected people within two weeks now it takes three months so for nonprofit workers it's
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demorizing and our jobs are point scpls can't do the work and not to mention we have small salaries and for these reasons and more we're asking for the 4% so it's imperative these services are funded and we get these and we don't need the america's cup. nonprofits don't care about america's cup and the kaiser increase and taking money out of the general fund also we don't care about that and please give us the 4%. [applause] >> hi my name is kaitlyn and a researcher at seiu 10 to one representing nonprofits in san francisco. this is necessary for nonprofits to stay afloat and the city can afford it. we ended last year with a $300 million surplus and controller surplus this year.
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furthermore the mayor's budget didn't have this operations for contractual services will amount to 13.four increase from last year. an analysis we put together identifies budget savings. i will share with you some highlights. the mayor's budget includes total appropriations to the general fund reserve of $76 million. the board can reduce appropriations to budget reserves by $15 million still leaving $61 million in appropriations. in the two years ending last june the city averaged $64 million in unspent appropriations for services and supplies. the board could re-appropriate 16 of the $64 million in unspent prior year numbers and lastly by adopting moratorium on new management positions the city's general fund would realize $3.2 million in savings. with these options it shows the board has the ability to fund the 4% increase and it's the right
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thing to do for the city's most vulnerable populations and the nonprofits that serve them. thank you. [applause] >> supervisors i am chris daly and political director of seiu 10 to one. i am here to support community based service providers and the workers providing these most critical front line services in a plea -- in a plea for a bit more dignity in their critical work. we're asking this committee to include a 4% cost of doing business, increasing the budget, and we think that this ask is justified. for just a bit of perspective since i last served on this committee backed in 2007 the san francisco budget has increased by more than 25%. the cost of living in san francisco has gone up 12%. pay for nonprofit workers is 1.9% that you guys were a part of last
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year. this increase has brought an average seiu nonprofit worker which is higher than the average to just under $40,000 per year. for a little bit of perspective for a single family household that is 55% of the median income and obviously for a family for two, three, four it's much less than that. with this budget the dollars are there and we created this menu of possible places to find that money that would fund our ask and fund every single other ask in this room today. let me quickly highlight a few. the america's cup it's been talked about. they promised $32 million. they cut it down to $22 million but only have given the city $8 million unless there is a payment in the last week. ben rosen thinks it's
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only going to be five more this year and we need that money for services. larry ellison is sitting on $43 billion -- >> [inaudible] [applause] >> [inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is dave canner and the acting director for seiu 1021 san francisco. i want to start by saying it's really unacceptable that the community has to be out here begging every year and yet private for profit coct